The AAA-LUX range of innovative high-powered LED floodlights are built with control, safety and security in mind. This manufacturer was first to market with a product capable of floodlighting sports fields, ports and airports with LED. They remain the market leader and continue to raise the innovation bar with the newly released Version 6.

The Generation 6 weighs just 23kg, with fully integrated driver and all internal cabling to eliminate environmental threats. The new version can retrofit to existing masts and is incredibly compact, enabling install in tight space situations – for example on existing large masts with multi luminaires and tightly spaced headframes.

The AL Series is designed for large area lighting in Ports, Airports, and & Rail yards, whilst the higher performance WS Series focuses on smart sports lighting – including stadiums, fields and multi court facilities.

The built-in wireless capabilities allow for ease of control, instant start up and variable switching using the AAA-LUX lighting control system. The addition of sensors and pre-programmed scene settings are available, including emergency functionality, bringing all lights up to 100% power if required.

Use of the systems analytic capabilities will allow personnel to optimise for best performance and energy efficiency, in addition to easy implementation of preventative maintenance schedules.

On sporting and industrial projects, combining these with the Abacus base hinge and high mast solutions is a smart way to reduce installation and maintenance costs for your assets, and reduce risk of working at heights to zero, forever.

Smartlux, in partnership with Abacus, support the implementation of total mast and lighting solutions, including design requirements for all of your current and future projects.