Pole Lighting system for smart city applications

CITY ELEMENTS from Hess is a lighting system that is suitable for all requirements in the city as well as in front of representative and high-profile buildings.

These modular illuminating columns are suitable for almost all lighting tasks in the P and V categories and fit perfectly with the existing urban surroundings as well as a wide array of architectural requirements thanks to their individually combinable base, intermediate and top elements, two different diameters, now 12 different optics and variable heights of up to 11 meters.

More than just light – more than just a luminaire

In addition to the lighting tasks such as area, façade, street and effect lighting, CITY ELEMENTS can be used to implement additional functions and provides solutions for a variety of usage-related requirements for smart city applications.

There are practically no limits for the functionalities. Whether a camera for security-relevant areas, a loudspeaker for announcements and entertainment, WLAN for unlimited connectivity or projections for attractive displays – the possibilities are endless also with customizations.

Simply smart. CITY ELEMENTS – made by Hess.