The new V3630 road lighting fitting from VULKAN, Germany, is a functional, yet contemporary designed LED fitting. With a modular LED board design, enabling wattages from 12W up to 140W and seven available light distributions, the fitting is suitable for P and V categories and area lighting. “One fitting design for the entire city”.

A design life of over 25 years is backed up with a factory warranty of 10/15 years. The long-life LED performance with L80/B10 @100,000hrs is state of the art.
Several control options, e. g. 1-10V, DALI or with a control signal are standard.

Sensor based, wireless control system for street/area lighting
The VULKAN V3630 is also suitable to work with the newest development from TVILIGHT, Netherlands: Lighting on demand. Based on a patented presence detection solution, adaptive control products offer on-demand lighting, meaning the right amount of light when and where it is necessary. The solution reduces energy consumption by up to 80% and maintenance costs by up to 50%. The system consists of dimmable street lights (e.g. the V3630 fitting) and a wireless sensor device (CitySense) which enables presence based lighting control. During off-peak hours, lights dim to a pre-defined level. Upon detection of a pedestrian, bicycle, or car, all lights in the vicinity increase to full brightness. In this way the solution combines safety with savings.

The web based CityManager software allows remote configuration, monitoring, management and control of all lighting infrastructures (both at individual and group level) with real-time lighting information.