MEAN WELL has released the HBG series, a circular shaped LED power supply designed especially for bay lighting. With a range of 100W, 160W and 240W and featuring a clever finned design, the new constant voltage power supplies easily assemble and can be designed to fit many existing high or low bay lighting fixtures. Fully potted by silicon epoxy glue, the robust aluminium enclosure provides its own excellent heat dissipation properties to keep everything cool. Designed with the latest technology, the HBG operates at up to 93.5% efficiency and can handle -40°C to +60°C ambient temperatures. Various anchoring options such as chain, hanger, or metal bracket types are available which make these units suitable for bay, mining or stage applications and the IP67 rating enables worry free outdoor operation. Besides standard functions of short circuit, over voltage, overload, and over temperature protection, these new units have a 5 year warranty and can be dimmed by MEAN WELL’s patented 3 in 1 dimming technology. The HBG series complies with Australian and global safety and EMC requirements and have supporting documentation for all of the regulating bodies.