Human centric lighting not only reduces energy bills, it can also boost productivity and promote the well-being of people working or living in an artificially lit environment.

Combining the Hytronik HHC2045 tuneable white LED driver, together with the Hytronik Bluetooth HBHC25 circadian rhythm sensor offers a highly cost effective and de-centralised human centric lighting control system.

There is no need to install a complex lighting control system. This innovative solution from Hytronik is perfect for offices, schools and hospitals.

The light output is controlled via automatic geographic regional adjustments for latitude and seasons, to enhance a user’s day-to-day mood, wellbeing, productivity and attention levels.

The installer can select and customise the biodynamic lighting curve with pre-programmed colour (CCT) and brightness (LUX) control using the Bluetooth App, which automatically changes according to the time of the day.

The built-in photocell monitors the natural daylight and maintains the lux level by calculating how much artificial light is needed according to the target lux level required by the preset profile, and the PIR sensor detects motion ensuring the lights are only on when required.

ADM carries both the Hytronik HHC2045 tuneable white LED driver and the HBHC25 circadian rhythm sensor in stock, so you can deliver your human centric lighting system on time, as well as on budget.